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Benefits of PP Plastic tea cup
- Apr 11, 2018 -

What is the advantage of PP Plastic tea cup?

Is it poisonous to install hot water with PP plastic cups? The microwave oven dining box is made of this material, resistant to 130 ℃ high temperature, poor transparency, this is the only plastic box that can be put into the microwave oven, can be reused after careful cleaning. It is necessary to note that some microwave oven box, box body made of No. 05 pp, but the lid is made of No. 06 PS (PS), PS transparency is good,

But not high temperature, so can not be placed in the oven with the box body. For insurance purposes, remove the lid before placing it in the microwave. PP and PE can be said to be two brothers, but a number of physical properties and mechanical properties than PE good, so the bottle maker often PE bottle, cap and handle with greater hardness and strength of PP to manufacture. PP melting point of up to 167 ℃, heat, products available vapor disinfection is its characteristics. to PP Cup, the most common is milk tea, coffee, soy milk, rice pulp, there are used to install 100% pure fruit juices, yogurt, fruit juice beverages, dairy products (such as pudding), larger containers, such as buckets, garbage cans, laundry tanks, baskets, The basket and so on are mostly made of pp. In recent years, it has also been used extensively in the manufacture of free dishwashing or cup-free cups. The material container is opaque or translucent container, with the advantages of acid and alkali resistance, chemical resistant, collision resistance and high temperature (about 20℃~120℃).