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Disposable plastic cups How to buy is safe
- Apr 11, 2018 -

Disposable plastic cups Purchase specification: 

1, in the selection of the paper cup must be noticed under the QS certification mark.

Paper cups in order to play the effect of water insulation, will be in the cup coated with a polyethylene diaphragm, but some businesses will be in order to reduce the cost of using recycled polyethylene as a diaphragm, this recycled polyethylene damage to the body is very large, so in the selection should be aware of the QS mark, because with the QS Mark is a quality supervision part of the inspection of qualified products!

2, the product packaging should indicate the title of the production enterprise, address, product performance specifications, production date, validity, etc., these are the first prerequisite.

3, packing bags should be fully airtight, should not have broken. According to the national Quality supervision part of the norms and health common sense, disposable plastic cup shape should be crisp, should not have deformation, cup body is very poor cup by hand pinch up very soft, poured into the water or drink, the end will be deformed, or even not up.

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