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How to distinguish a good disposable tableware?
- Apr 11, 2018 -

First of all, we distinguish from color, disposable tableware quality products are glass products more than a few times, on its surface looks shiny, smooth characteristics. And bad disposable tableware, it is recycled in the use so on the surface does not look so transparent, dark.

Then in distinguishing its hardness, high quality disposable tableware it can withstand the weight of adults, of course, not big fat.

And then you have to distinguish from cleanliness, before use only check whether there is water stains, residual fingerprints can tell whether the use of tableware. The last point is from the smell to distinguish, high-quality disposable tableware non-toxic tasteless. High temperatures do not have a pungent taste. On the contrary, the pungent odor is very large, affecting health.