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Method of identification of whether plastic products are poisonous
- Apr 11, 2018 -

With the development of the society, the plastic products of different materials are used widely. But the plastic products of different materials are used differently. Recently plasticizing agent set off a great stir, many people abandon plastic and switch to glass containers, for a time, a variety of glass products hot.

Among them, "bisphenol a" components exist in the commonly used PC plastic products, in animal experiments have been confirmed to lead to the occurrence of cancer, but also set off a discussion upsurge. " In fact, plastic products are not absolutely useless, as long as the use of proper, is not harmful to health. How to identify the material of plastic products? 

At the bottom of the product there will be a triangle of signs, the number inside can be a mystery. No. 1th Pet Mineral water, carbonated beverage bottle drink bottle do not install hot water, do not recycle pet heat to 65 ℃, cold to-20 ℃, only suitable for micro-temperature or cold drink, high temperature liquid, or heat will be deformed, harmful substances will dissolve out. 

Drink bottles are discarded, not used as water cups, or used as storage containers for other items, causing health problems outweigh the gains.  

2nd HDPE Cleaning, Bath supplies clean not completely do not recycle use carefully after cleaning can be reused, but these containers are often not easy to clean, residue into a hotbed of bacteria, it is best not to recycle. Part 3rd PVC is used for food packaging do not buy PVC materials at high temperature, easy to have harmful substances, manufacturing process will be released, there is poison with food into the human body, may cause breast cancer, neonatal congenital defects and other diseases. At present, the container of this kind of material has been used less for packing food. 

If you buy the ingredients for packing, don't let it get heated. 4th LDPE Fresh Film, plastic film, such as food into the microwave before ripping off the film LDPE heat resistance is not strong, usually, qualified PE fresh film in the case of more than 110 ℃ temperature will appear hot melt phenomenon, can not decompose plastic preparations. Wrap the food in a wrap to heat, and the grease in the food can easily dissolve the harmful substances in the plastic wrap. 

Therefore, food into the microwave oven, the first to remove the plastic wrap.

5th pp Microwave oven meal box, fresh-keeping box before the microwave oven to remove the lid because the microwave oven lunch box general use of Microwave oven special pp (polypropylene, microwave oven dedicated pp High temperature 120 ℃, low temperature-20 ℃, because of the high cost of the reason, the lid is made of 1th PE, put into the microwave oven, the lid will be removed before being sent into the furnace. 6th PS Bowl bubble noodles, Styrofoam box do not use microwave oven to cook instant noodles heat and cold, but can not put into the microwave, lest because the temperature is too high to release the chemical (temperature-resistant 70 ℃ release). And can not be used to contain strong acids (such as: orange juice), strongly alkaline substances, can be decomposed easily carcinogenic polystyrene.

Therefore, try to avoid packing hot food with Styrofoam boxes. 

7th PC Kettle, water cup, bottle pc glue in hot-release bisphenol A is a widely used material, especially a bottle containing bisphenol A. In theory, as long as in the process of making a PC, bisphenol a hundred into plastic structure, it means that the product is completely without bisphenol A, not to mention released. 

However, if a small amount of bisphenol A is not converted into a PC plastic structure, it may be released into food or drink. PC residue of bisphenol A, the higher the temperature, the more released, the faster the speed. Therefore, the PC water bottle should not be used to hold hot waters so as to avoid increasing the rate and concentration of bisphenol a release. Be careful when using this plastic container.

If your kettle has an indication number of 7, the following methods can reduce the risk:

1. Do not heat when using.

2. Do not use dishwasher, baking machine to clean the kettle. 

3. Not in direct sunlight. 4. Before the first use, with baking soda powder heating water cleaning, natural dry at room temperature.

Bisphenol A was released more in the first and long-term use.  

5. The container has any fall injury or the breakage, the proposal ceases to use, because the surface has the pit grain easy to hide the bacterium. 6. Avoid repeated use of aging plastic appliances.