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Standard Test methods for plastic lid
- Sep 20, 2018 -
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National standard GB/T17876-1999 specifically specifies the testing problems of the plastic anti-theft bottle cap, such as opening torque, thermal stability, drop resistance, leakage and sealing performance. The sealing performance and the evaluation of the opening and tightening torque of the bottle cap are the effective ways to solve the sealing performance of the plastic anti-theft bottle cap. According to the different uses of caps, there are different requirements for measuring methods without gas cap and gas cap. The sealing cap (without gas cap) shall be cut off from the anti-theft ring (strip) for sealing the rated torque not less than 1.2 NM. The sealing tester shall be used to test the pressure to 200 kPa and keep the pressure under water for 1 minute to observe whether the gas leak or release. The permeable cap (containing gas cap) shall be pressurized to 690 kPa and the pressure under water for 1 minute. Observe if there is a leak, then raise the pressure to 1207 kPa, keep the pressure for 1 minute, and observe if the plastic cover is unscrewed.