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What is pp material
- Apr 11, 2018 -

PP Materials in Chinese name is polypropylene, the English name is polypropylene, the front of a p represents poly-"multiple, aggregation" meaning, the back of a p represents propylene "propylene" meaning. Temperature resistance-20-120 degrees, is one of the most common plastic ovens. Simply put, pp is Engineering plastics, it is the abbreviation of polypropylene. PP also has a Chinese name, it is called polypropylene. According to the chemical composition of PP is the molecular chain of the regular arrangement of the crystal shape and other regulatory polymers. It is also divided into equal-gauge PP (PP) and Random pp, as the name suggests, such as PP is a kind of polypropylene crystallinity of up to 95%, molecular weight between 8.15 million of the thermoplastic resin, and the random pp is polypropylene at room temperature is a non crystalline, micro-viscous white wax, low molecular weight. Commonly known as space glass. Non-toxic tasteless, strength, stiffness, heat resistance are relatively good, can be used around 130 degrees, there is a better electrical performance, moisture absorption small, good fluidity, corrosion-resistant, can be used for utensils.