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What material of plastic cup is better?
- Jun 08, 2018 -

What material of plastic cup is better?

PP plastic cup is better, can be filled with boiling water, long-term use at room temperature, cold resistance will break. Since PP is not good for cleaning, it is not recommended if it is used for making tea. There is a number in the triangle at the bottom of the plastic cup. This number usually represents the material of the plastic. No. 1 is PET; No. 2 is HDPE; No. 3 is PVC; No. 4 is LDPE; No. 5 is PP; No. 6 is PS; No. 7 is PC and other materials.

1, PET material cups are common in making coffee cups, its transparency is relatively high, suitable for loading cold drinks, such as Starbucks and other franchise stores, and PET used to make beverage bottles, such as Pepsi and mineral water bottles commonly used plastic bottles that are PET material, Not suitable for hot water, it will secrete bisphenol A substances and other substances harmful to human health.

2. The commonly used disposable cup is made of PE material. The material is soft, not resistant to high temperatures, and will become soft when filled with boiling water. Long-term loading of boiling water may cause plastics to decompose and produce harmful substances to the human body.

3, PC long-term hot water will secrete bisphenol A substances, affect the reproductive system, can cause precocious puberty; foreign baby bottles have banned the use of PC materials.

4, PS plastic cups are generally used to hold cold drinks, like ice cream, etc., installed high temperature easy to generate substances.