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What to avoid when using plastic containers?
- Apr 11, 2018 -

Plastics have more and more popular in recent years, the love of consumers, all kinds of plastic packaging containers and utensils are made of plastic, we need to know to pay attention to use these plastic products, otherwise will impact on health, so in the use of plastic products to avoid?

If it is in the microwave to choose using special plastic container is a translucent, high temperature resistant, colorless products, using this product can effectively prevent heating food caused by heat toxin invasion. And try not to use plastic containers for heating.

Second, don't try to put hot stuff in plastic containers. Can cause soft, and deformation. At room temperature, such plastic products are safe, but at high temperatures they can break down some toxic substances and eat them to taste unhealthy.

The use of plastic products should be purchased by regular manufacturers to effectively avoid possible damage to the body.