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Analysis Of Export Prospect Of Plastic Mold
- Apr 11, 2018 -

China is a developing country, with the low level of production development, abundant labor resources, low production cost and wide prospect of market generally also some characteristics of the developing countries, but China's per capita GDP has more than $2000, at the same time also has the very strong technical and industrial base, intelligent, hardworking, smart, and reform and opening up people's good environment and some other special characteristics, these characteristics are very suitable for development of mould industry, so China mold and die industry, though started late, but development is very rapid.

From the international perspective, it is due to a number of foreign investment in China more and more factories, 2 it is industrial mold production cost is higher and higher in the developed countries, so many industrial developed countries in the world will die gradually transferred to China the trend is clear. Due to the rapid improvement of mould technology in China, there is a great advantage in price, and the cost performance of the mold is high. Therefore, the trend of purchasing molds in many industrial developed countries is also very obvious. There is another dimension is that some developing countries due to the technology and the industry foundation is weak, mold production development is needed to keep pace with economic development, so the phenomenon is more common to import the mold. They imported industrial developed countries die while quality level is high, but the price is expensive, but in China the mold can also meet the requirements under the premise of price is moderate, so there are many markets.

We'll analyze China's mold export market in recent years, it can be seen that in addition to Europe, America, Japan and other developed countries the main market is China's export mold, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and other countries also have considerable market, our country Hong Kong and Taiwan's entrepot trade also account for a considerable market. Every year, the China mould industry association organizes the enterprise to participate in the relevant international exhibitions in Europe and the United States, and plays a good role in promoting international exchanges and cooperation.