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Children's Plastic Cups PP Material Is Safer
- Aug 10, 2018 -

A plastic cup with a cute shape, bright colors, light weight and resistance to falling, the children are basically one. Is the plastic cup on the market safe? Yesterday, Jiangsu Consumers Association released the test results of 50 plastic cups comparative tests, three of which were not up to standard. The reporter of Modern Express learned that it is safer to test plastic cups made of polypropylene (PP), which can be heated and disinfected in a microwave oven.
Plastic cups are made of PP material, pay attention to the label

How to choose a safe plastic cup for your child? Provincial Consumers Association issued a consumer reminder, try to choose PP material. Check the label on the bottom of the cup at the time of purchase and see the material.

"Polypropylene is a relatively safe material, and the bottom of the cup is marked with a number of 5. In addition to PP material, children's plastic drinking cups of other materials are not recommended to be heated and disinfected in a microwave oven to avoid the release of harmful substances." Mao Kai introduced, parents You should also pay attention to what the lid and straw are made of, use with care.