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How Is The Milk Tea Injection Cup Produced?
- Apr 11, 2018 -

The production process of injection cups and pet cups and PP Cup production process is completely different. We all know that milk Tea pet cup and milk Tea PP Cup is formed by high-pressure.

So, the injection cups also need to be high-pressure molding it?

First we understand what the injection cups are: The injection cup is the molten plastic used to inject pressure into the plastic mold, cooling molding to get all kinds of plastic parts. There is a mechanical injection molding machine specially designed for injection molding. The most commonly used plastic is polystyrene. The resulting shape is often the final finished product and no further processing is required until it is installed or used as a final finished product. Many details, such as protruding parts, ribs, and threads, can be molded in one step of injection moulding.