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On The Problem Of Color Fading Of Tea Cup Printing
- Apr 11, 2018 -

We all know that in the tea cup above the printing of the customer's logo is through the thermal transfer technology to achieve, rather than we have been formed in the cup. Our cup of tea cup is a cup of light, there is no pattern.

Then, the cup through the thermal transfer technology to print the customer's logo will fade? Heat transfer products will not lose color?

What I want to say is that any printing dye will lose color, but the fade degree is divided into 1-5 levels. General level 3 for eligibility criteria, 5-level fade naked eye can not see out. and the color of the color level to keep up with it? 

We also have to see the main two points: the ink itself and attachment. First of all, ink, commonly used for printing dyeing inks have three categories: dye ink, pigment ink and thermal transfer ink. Dye ink is the most UV-resistant, so it is easy to fade, belong to level 1-2 fade; pigment ink has a characteristic is insoluble in water, not easy to fade, but the washing time will appear color fade, pigment ink fade can reach 3-4; Thermal Transfer ink is the most difficult to fade, up to 4-5 levels,

Thermal Transfer ink has a recessive, high temperature will show its original color, with the evaporation and infiltration of the dual concept, but in as long as the temperature does not exceed 80 degrees will not be hair, good ink to 100 degrees will evaporate. Then there is the attachment. If the pores of the attachment can be absorbed into the ink, then the ink has a protective layer, the product is not easy to fade, if the ink can not be absorbed will easily evaporate off. Generally do heat transfer product attachment pores are very easy to absorb ink, part is not easy to absorb ink attachment, production technicians will be coated to make up for this defect.