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The Benefits Of Customized Printing Injection Cups
- Apr 11, 2018 -

1. The price of customized printing injection cup is more affordable, which can be used as a gift, and the advertising effect is good. The good advertisement publicity effect of the injection plastic drink cup is also favored by the enterprise, and there are many businesses to customize it.

2. New and improved design: the cup has a wide body and a thick bottom, which is suitable for use in aviation, office, hotel, bar, KTV, home, etc., or special plastic cup for yogurt.

3. Disposable milk tea cup for life. According to your requirements, the factory will design one of your own tea cups wholesale, one-time design, design satisfaction, and confirm that you will always be yours.

4. Brand advertising. Use your proprietary customized gong tea cups for you is a kind of promotion propaganda, on the injection molding of light cup surface design of a logo, add your tags, people will come when you least expect them to know your brand.

This is the embodiment of the profession. Tea is a professional tea cup, which is very professional and very tasteful.

6. Special positioning of gong teacups. Cup with a special kind of injection molding of drinks for their shop is also a kind of positioning, if your shop environment is graceful, the use of couple cups for gong cup, now that the tender is not going to your shop?