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The Printing Cup Is Another Carrier Of The Enterprise's External Advertising Propaganda
- Apr 11, 2018 -

In the rapid development of today's society, many companies through a variety of publicity carrier to publicize their own advantages and characteristics such as information, including PP drink cup for its printing cost is low, close to the modern life, the characteristics of the new way of advertising, becoming merchants using foreign advertising common carrier.

Companies usually use the way of printing with traditional flexo printing, silk screen printing, offset printing, the earliest in the late 1970 s people began a paper cup, drink a cup of this period of hardness is ok, at the same time, food packaging hygiene quality has greatly improved, and thus very good development prospects for plastic tableware. The rapid development of disposable plastic cup is mainly reflected in the convenience and practicability of the plastic cup itself.

There are many advantages of the printed cup replacing paper cup used by the enterprise, such as health, corporate image and environmental protection. PP plastic cup production of pollution-free, no odor, simple sense is good, not changeful form, has beautiful and easy, heat resistant, oil resistant, non-toxic, characteristics such as waterproof, impermeable materials widely, environmentally friendly printing disposable paper cups are a company of the fashion office consumption goods, put your company logo, name, producers, distributors, such as the information on the drink cup, people in drinking water, can know from the information, understand the enterprise information, the disposable plastic cup provides a platform for people to understand the enterprises, it also show the image of the enterprise and grade, improve enterprise culture and enterprise brand.

So start from their own, we have PP cup printing services provided, and the size of the cup you can according to the actual situation of the company to make a choice, the glass can be printed on the company name, address, telephone, promotional products, or would you like express service for your customers. Pass small warmth, cost small cost, let your enterprise walk in front.