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What Kind Of Disposable Lunch Box Without Pollution
- Apr 11, 2018 -

In our country in the use of disposable lunch box for more than $one hundred a year, the traditional foam lunch boxes had great pollution to the environment, the market now popular material with polystyrene, polyethylene, some large restaurants with pulp as raw material, either directly or indirectly produced harm to the environment, and paper lunch box without good insulation resistance to pressure, cost is higher, so can't widely available on the market, on forest damage is very large, now on the market most of the boxes are unqualified, in a few cents a wholesale market, most to use harmful to human body, most boxes will add brightener, materials such as talcum powder.

Lunch box and epp materials is absolutely non-toxic, its temperature tolerance can make it in the microwave and not decomposed, heat preservation sex and pressure resistance makes it convenient to carry, no pollution to the environment, can be completely degradation, epp materials can be recycled, ultra-high price make it become a mainstay of the food packaging industry in the future.